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Welcome to Environmental

Measurement (ENVME)

Environmental Measurement, also known as ENVME, is a distributor of sensors, data loggers, control systems and associated equipment & software. Since 2005 the business has served the agricultural industry, nurseries, greenhouses, researchers, schools, universities and governmental entities. We provide high quality, affordable, cutting-edge equipment and systems from highly respected manufacturers at discounted prices.


Located in the Pacific Northwest, ENVME is conveniently located near our customers in the West, as well as for markets throughout the Pacific Rim. Additionally, we are delighted to serve customers throughout the US and Canada.


Our goal is to provide our customers with the products that best suit their needs at the best possible prices and additionally to assist with first rate product support in a timely manner.


We serve customers who know exactly what they they want as well as those who are new to the use of environmental sensing, logging & scheduling technology.


Whether your needs are in the workplace or for research or personal projects, we are here to provide you with speedy, reliable service at great prices.


For more information regarding your particular needs, please email us.

Environmental Measurement


PO Box 44, Mount Vernon, OR 97865